Non-Profit Initiative with Jalin Mimpi

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Stain partnered up with Jalin Mimpi Indonesia Foundation to help vulnerable communities in Indonesia. Through our #shopwithintention mission, we started selling zero-waste, eco-friendly accessories and donated 100% of the proceeds to Jalin Mimpi.

We created various sustainable scrunchies and card wallets by recycling our fabric offcuts and with these donations, Jalin Mimpi was able to distribute meals, masks and care packages in an organized manner to make sure various neighbourhoods were being helped.

What is Jalin Mimpi Indonesia Foundation?
A non-profit organization that sources free education to underprivileged children in Indonesia.

What is #jalinkebaikan?
A movement started by Jalin Mimpi Indonesia Foundation to help raise funds for vulnerable communities affected by the spread of Covid-19.

How does it work?
All donations are visually noted in a database to keep track of which neighborhoods have and have not been helped. Volunteers then purchase ingredients to cook meals and put together care packages which will then be distributed across the country. A care package consists of rice, cooking oil, eggs, sugar, coffee, instant noodles and detergent.

How is Stain helping?
Stain is selling zero-waste scrunchies and card wallets made by using fabric offcuts from upcycled fabric used in our ready-to-wear collections. By recycling these fabric offcuts, we are creating eco-friendly accessories while reducing environmental waste. Every accessory is ethically made by hand by local artisans, making each piece truly unique. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Jalin Mimpi Indonesia Foundation towards the #jalinkebaikan movement.

How can you help?
Every purchase of our eco accessory will help to provide meals, masks and care packages to families in need. You can also donate directly to Jalin Mimpi via their website.

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Since May 2020, we have managed to raise and donate Rp6,250,000.
Since April 2020, Jalin Mimpi has distributed a total of 5,445 care packages around various cities in Indonesia.