Stain x Kyuri Pop-Up Event

Stain x Kyuri is a collaboration between two like-minded and environmentally conscious businesses. On 27 July 2019, we held a pop-up event to raise awareness and celebrate sustainability through fashion and food. We believe in the importance of creating good quality goods using the best materials or ingredients, while being conscious of our impact towards the environment. In this event, we showcased our new Leisure’19 collection and collaborated with Kyuri to create limited edition bamboo t-shirts, zero waste bowls and curated cocktails.

Kyuri is a creative and mindful Japanese eatery that specializes in guilt-free salads and donburi (rice bowls). They opened their doors in April 2019 and introduced the first Japanese healthy eatery in Indonesia. Their farm to table concept and transparency in process and ingredients are elements that aligned with Stain’s ethos. We chatted with Kyuri co-founder Yuni Sumawijaya to learn more about her restaurant.

What made you want to open Kyuri?
My partners and I all spent some time living in New York, where we were die-hard fans of healthy fast casual restaurants. We personally experienced how differently you feel when you eat healthy food made of fresh, high quality ingredients. When we moved back to Jakarta, we realized just how limited the options were to eat well. Even more lacking was the transparency of the available and purportedly "healthy" restaurants in Jakarta. Whenever we would ask them about where they're getting their produce from, which ingredient is organic, or what the calories were in their food, we were always met with blank stares! So, we started cooking a lot of healthy and simple dishes with my Japanese mother at home, leading to the idea of Kyuri. Our selfish motivation of wanting to know exactly what we are eating and to treat our bodies right with healthy, yet delicious, food galvanized us to take matter into our own hands. If nobody else will go the extra mile to do it, why don't we? 

What made you want to do a collaboration with Stain?
When I first started seeing Stain’s clothes on Instagram or being worn by our friends, I was instantly drawn to their cool design and aesthetics. But when I found out that Stain was not just a brand with killer fashion but an important, mutually shared mission (Stain repurposes overproduced materials while Kyuri recycles their plastics and compost their organic waste), I got really excited and immediately wanted to do some sort of collaboration. In a society where consumerism prevails with little inkling of the waste and environmental damage that production entails, I was so happy to find a friend who cares and is trying to do the right thing! The number of startups in Jakarta that are driven by an eco-conscious vision is still minimal, making it super important for these small businesses to work together in promoting their shared values. Kudos to the Stain team for bringing purposeful fashion to reality. 

Kyuri co-founder Yuni Sumawijaya at a local organic farm at West Java 

Stain x Kyuri Bamboo T-Shirts
Made of good quality rich natural bamboo wood and cotton fibre, these t-shirts are not only eco-friendly, but they are naturally soft and comfortable for everyday wear. Finished with Stain’s signature wink embroidery “;)” and Kyuri’s tag line “be kyurious”.

Stain x Kyuri Zero Waste Bowls
The Zero Waste Bowls are made of repurposed materials and ingredients that are generally discarded for composting. While Kyuri’s signature menu consists of chicken breast, salmon and Chinese cabbage leaves, the zero waste bowls are made of sub-parts of raw produce and protein that is generally unused, such as chicken tendons, salmon skin and Chinese cabbage roots.

Zero Waste Vegan Donburi / Zero Waste Salad Bowl

We made our decor sustainable by repurposing our excess deadstock fabrics. We also partnered up with Avani Eco who provided us with bio-paper cups for our curated cocktails and bio-cassava shopping bags that are certified biodegradable and compostable. 

Decor by Here's To