Stain was established in 2018 by Pooja Bhansali and Monica Tarunadjaja, as an eco-conscious ready-to-wear brand that embraces the relationship between design and sustainability. Pooja and Monica bring complimentary skillsets and voices to the brand but have a commonality in their upbringing and values.

Stain implements social and environmental practices while maintaining their holistic approach to design, integrating their personal values in the brand to redefine what fashion means. Stain focuses on quality over quantity and takes pride in creating thoughtful designs while making responsible conscious decisions.



A stain is a mark, or to mark with something that is not easily removed.

We create stains intentionally - to deliberately stain a surface and leave an impression. Through various surface design techniques that we stain onto our fabrics, we create unique textiles and transform them into effortless silhouettes.

We chose the word stain to represent our brand as we create products that are long lasting and remembered.





Monica grew up in Singapore before moving to New York and then London for university. In 2016, she graduated from London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Design & Technology: Menswear. As a designer, Monica creates clothes that are made with great quality materials and well thought-out finishing that is not only wearable but are staple pieces in people’s wardrobes. She moved back to Indonesia after graduating and saw the lack of options for men’s and unisex clothing. This sparked the inspiration to create a brand with a range of women’s, men’s and unisex pieces. She used her knowledge from menswear design to influence her designs for women’s pieces. She likes to work hands on with the manufacturers to make sure every detail is perfect, while implementing less waste on materials and fabrics during the production process.



Pooja was born and raised in Indonesia then moved to the United States to pursue an education in textile arts. In 2016, she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fibers. Pooja’s love for creating and design started from a young age, she made her vision come to life by working with color and texture. Her creative process was shaped by experimentation and trial and error. Her design aesthetic in creating unique prints and textiles became an extension of herself. She moved back to Indonesia after graduating and wanted to use the resources that were available to her. Indonesia is rich in nature and biodiversity, which celebrates textiles, arts and crafts. This further inspired her design process and her beliefs in living and creating sustainably, authentically and mindfully.