Stain’s mission is to raise awareness towards sustainable and ethical fashion by creating beautiful pieces without hurting people or the planet. We specialize in creating unique textiles through modern and traditional techniques using eco-friendly materials to create clothes that are good, look good and feel good. We work with independent suppliers, workshops and artisans that share the same values as us, working hands on and closely with them to preserve traditions and celebrate ethical craft. 
In the fast fashion industry, fashion is usually designed, produced and ready to be sold within a month. One of the largest pollutants in the world comes from the amount of excess textiles and clothing that end up in landfills. Stain follows the slow fashion approach. Slow fashion allows us to take a holistic approach to slow down the rate of production and ensure minimal waste while preventing overproduction.

In an age where everything is fast paced, it is important to slow down and pay attention.

We understand that sustainable practices within the industry face their own challenges and obstacles. What defines the culture of our company is that we stay committed to making responsible conscious choices in every decision we make and integrate these values through all aspects of the business, from our team to our products. Our choices and values are what define us as a brand.

Commitment to good design rooted in kindness.