Our vision

Our vision is to increase awareness of environmental sustainability by staying committed to making ethical, responsible and environmentally conscious choices. Our aim is to integrate our personal values in fashion and inspire people to make conscious decisions in the right direction. In an age where everything is fast paced, it is important to slow down and pay attention.

We value the individuals we work with to make our clothes. We work hands on and closely with our suppliers and local artisans in Indonesia to promote and encourage ethical and safe work environments while perfecting each piece with attention to detail. Through these interactions we want to build long lasting connections while redefining the values of fashion through design and ethical practices.

Our design practices

1. Fabrics

We proudly create our sustainable collections by upcyling dead stock fabrics that are 100% natural.

2. Patterns

We work with our pattern makers to create the right shapes based on our designs before cutting fabrics to save as much fabric as possible and produce less waste.

3. People

By collaborating with local businesses and artisans, we can be very hands on with the process from start to finish and build strong relationships with our collaborators.

4. Process

We design our own prints and get the prints manufactured in Bali. After, our garments are cut and stitched by a tight knit team at a small family owned workshop in Jakarta.