Monica and Pooja met at the company they previously worked for in 2017. There, they noticed an abundant amount of unused fabric wasted on a regular basis. That was their wake up call to initiate a solution based strategy to reuse fabric in a more practical method. As two young women, Monica and Pooja decided to quit their jobs and embark on creating a business that prevented more waste and practiced social and environmental practices instead.

Starting Stain at the age of 24, it's been a long journey through working from various cafes to living rooms. Navigating through production mishaps and persisting through so many ups and downs, they are finally standing on steady ground and have now launched three different collections in the present day.

Stain is a ready-to-wear brand that not only implements social and environmental practices, but also self-curated designs and prints from scratch. Monica and Pooja both have backgrounds in design from London, UK and Savannah, USA. Their western mindset with their eastern upbringing allows them to intertwine both aspects of themselves into their designs. All of Stain’s products are sourced and made in Indonesia by small to medium sized family-owned manufacturers and artisans who work closely with Stain to produce the best quality results. 

We are 

Co-Founder: Monica Tarunadjaja Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

Monica always had a love for fashion and business. She grew up in Singapore and attended UWCSEA before moving to New York and then London for university. In 2016, she graduated from London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Design & Technology: Menswear. She specialized in men’s fashion as she wanted to challenge herself to fully understand the intricacy of menswear design and fitting. As a designer, Monica creates clothes that are made with great quality materials and well thought-out finishing that is not only wearable but are staple pieces in people’s wardrobes. When she saw the lack of options for men’s clothing in Jakarta, she saw the potential of creating a brand for both men and women. She used her knowledge from designing menswear to influence her designs for women’s pieces, while implementing less waste on materials and fabrics during the production process. Monica strives that the brand she creates will not only have good design but also produce great quality products, and evokes the right message towards a cleaner change for the fashion industry. 

Co-Founder: Pooja Bhansali Textile Designer & Entrepreneur

Pooja grew up in Jakarta and attended Jakarta International School before moving to the United States to attend college. In 2016, she earned her BFA in Textiles & Fibers from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Her love for design and creating started from a young age, but sustainable design piqued her interest when she was in college after watching A Plastic Ocean and The True Cost. After graduating, she moved back to Indonesia and realized there was a gap in the market. Everything here is fast fashion and she wanted to fill it by creating a brand that prioritized quality and sustainable pieces. Indonesia is filled with textiles, crafts, abundant nature and biodiversity, which inspired her and changed the way she made decisions in life. She became more mindful of the choices she was making in her daily habits. Pooja became determined to create a business model that implemented responsible practices and design. Ethically made and sustainable pieces that don’t compromise on design and quality. 

We proudly create our sustainable collections by upcyling dead stock fabrics that are 100% natural, and package
our products using eco friendly bio-cassava bags that are biodegradable and created using renewable resources. 

They take care of us and we take care of them